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6 Ways Fermented Foods can be The Secret Key For Your Health

6 Ways Fermented Foods can be The Secret Key For Your Health

Do you include fermented food items in your meal? Are you aware of the health benefits of the fermented foods? Probably none of us knows!

Striving to stay healthy or lose weight, most of us concentrate on nutritious foods, exercises and enough of sleep. But, barely any of us would know the concept of fermented foods or its benefits.
Before we understand the benefits of the fermented foods, let us know what exactly fermented food is?

Fermented foods are those food items which have passed through a Lacto-fermentation process. This is the process that converts carbohydrates and sugar into organic acids. Due to this procedure, food can be preserved for a longer period of time and produces healthy b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients and enzymes in the foods.

Basically, the chemical process of fermentation takes place using microorganisms such as bacteria and yeasts.

One of the most common fermentation takes place in many alcohol drinks through the conversion of sugar into ethyl. Apart from this fermentation, another one takes place in food which is known as lactic acid fermentation.

Now, when the concept of the fermented foods and its procedure is clear, let’s take a glance into its health benefits.

Makes stomach healthy

Certain foods we intake leaves acid in our stomach such as carbonated drinks or soda. This acid is harmful to the body which results into imbalanced pH level of the body. Apart from this, chewing process generates hydrochloric acid in our stomach.

Fermented foods are loaded with the good bacteria that apparently helps to stabilize stomach acid levels. As the acid levels in the stomach should not be excessive or very little, fermented stuff would greatly help in maintaining balance.

If acid levels in the stomach increases, then there are chances to suffer from heartburn and indigestion. On the contrary, low stomach acid levels can cause bloating, diarrhea, constipation, acne, burping, rectal itching, dry skin, and chronic fatigue.

These health issues can be cured easily through the intake of various fermented stuff which also improves digestive systems.

Increases Gut Flora

Consuming fermented food increases the gut flora which flushes out the toxic scrap from the body. If this doesn’t occur, there are chances of obesity or chronic diseases such as diabetes.

If there is lower gut flora, then there are chances of the person to be obese. This is because it reduces the ability to digest and as a result intoxicants in the body increases. So, it is obvious that a person with the lower gut flora can gain more weight and suffer from obesity.

In order to avoid any kind of diseases, it becomes indispensable to incorporate fermented foods into your diet and stay healthy.

Boost immune System

When the good bacteria enters the body through the intake of fermented foods, it strikes down other awful bacteria in the body.

Good bacteria can be gained from the fermented foods sauerkraut, probiotic yogurt and much more. This bacteria is also known as predigest which are available in the specific components of the food items. It eases the task of the gut to manage and absorbs nutrients. Sufficient balance of nutrients in the body boosts the immunity. Due to this reason, your body gets prepared in a better way to fight against various awful bacteria leading you towards diseases. Furthermore, it is believed that majority of the immune system is present in the digestive system. So, it would be the best place to kickstart consuming of fermented foods.


Fermented foods have the potential to detoxify harmful toxic from the body. As those food items contain several bacteria, it becomes easy to ooze out a wide range of heavy metals.

Certain foods we intake contains various metals such as iron, lead, mercury, etc; from which few of them use to be healthy for the body and rest of them are unnecessary. Healthy bacteria carry harmful metals until they are detached from the body through the stool. The harmful metal components which are removed are mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenate and any other toxic elements.

Great source of Nutrition

Including any of the fermented food in a single meal, every day would work wonder in providing numerous nutrients. When fermented foods are consumed, beneficial probiotic bacteria controls the gut which would start building all sorts of imperative nutrients such as biotin, vitamin K2 and B12.

When the vegetables and fruits are fermented, the cellulose content in it gets eliminated making them more nourishing. This way plenty of nutritious elements can be obtained such as amino acids, protein, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins.

Makes Skin glow

One of the most appealing benefits of the fermented food is that it improves your skin.

Each and every functioning of the body is interconnected with each other. In the same way, when unhealthy bacteria and toxic stuff is knocked out of the body, its impact on the skin becomes quite positive.

Be it acne or psoriasis or any other severe condition of the skin can be easily healed through the favorable microorganism species present in the several fermented foods.

Improving skin from within is the best way to have an extravagant glow on the face that too without any flaws on it.

Final Words

In the recent years, fermented foods have made a major comeback in the health industry. If you wish to lose weight in the healthiest way, then opting a diet plan which includes fermented foods and suits you the best would assist you the most. For more convenience, you can also use Nutrisystem promos while opting a customized diet plan.


Walking along with the food trends with all the nutritious benefits of the fermented food is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Take an inspiration from these points and improve health and skin both by fusing in at least one of the fermented food in a meal every day. Not only are they beneficial for weight loss, but also it works wonders in the internal body.