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Revealed: Above Ground Pools- All You Need To Know

Revealed: Above Ground Pools- All You Need To Know


There are various types of swimming pools- from infinity pools, saltwater pools, swimming spas, adult swimming pools, and kids’ swimming pools. Generally, however, swimming pools are constructed in two types: above ground pools and in-ground pools.

Above ground pools – Background

Above ground pools came into existence in the late 1920s and early 1930s. In this era, the chance of owning a swimming pool in your backyard was well-nigh impossible- unless you were a celebrity or very rich. So, in order to make everyone’s dream of owning a pool a reality, pool manufacturers began producing cheap and portable swimming pools.

Above ground pool installation- What you need to know

Needless to say, becoming a pool owner portends exciting times. After purchase, comes the installation process which may seem a tad difficult to most people. Since improperly installed pools can lead to tears in the liner, leaks, and uneven surfaces- not to mention wasted resources and time spent fixing the issue-, it is advisable to have all pools (above ground and in-ground) installed professionally. Having it done correctly the first time around will, undoubtedly, save you headaches and time in the long run. Below, therefore, we take a look at what to expect during installation (methods may vary slightly depending on each situation) as follows:

1. Clear site

One of the first tasks undertaken by the installation crew is to clear the pool area of debris, roots, rocks, and sod that could puncture pool liners. Once this is done, the ground should then be leveled.

2. Rail system

Following ground clearance and levelling, the crew then begins mapping out the rail system and connecting them. In general, all rails should be connected in a circle before sand and the pool base are added once the pool area has been determined.

3. Addition of walls

After area preparation and connecting of rails, the nest step is adding walls. This process is the most labor intensive and often takes the longest time. Completion time varies depending on the type of wall used- resin, steel, or aluminum.

4. Installing pool liners

One of the most important steps in the installation process is liner installation. This is done once the structure is up and stable, with the liner being placed over the walls and under the rails.

5. Adding water

Addition of water is the final step with the key to this being doing so carefully and slowly whilst paying attention to any imperfections or wrinkles in the liner.

The above outline is meant to serve as a general overview of what you can expect and not as an instruction point. Once the professionals are through with installation, it is time to enjoy your above ground pool. Remember to keep an eye on the water level as well as any wrinkles that may develop.

Above ground pools- Advantages
Above ground pools serve as perfectly good alternatives to in-ground pools by bringing you the same experience and fun but at a fraction of the cost of the latter. Here are three advantages of above ground pools:

1. Cost

For an average sized family, an in-ground pool can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $35,000 while an above ground pool for the same number of people should set you back as little as $2,000. Best of all, you can have the pool ready for use within 5 days, which includes, ordering, delivery, and installation.

2. Shape and size

Above ground pools come in all sizes and shapes. They can be rectangular, square, oval, and round. While round ones tend to hold more water, rectangular ones are ideal for lap swimming with oval ones suited to narrow backyards.

3. Maintenance

With most above ground pools being smaller than in-ground pools, it follows that they also require less maintenance. This is because they have easily accessible parts and have no hidden spaces which makes maintaining and cleaning quite easy. The chemicals used are also considerably less.