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Alexandria’s Genesis, also known as Purple Eyes, is said to be a disorder which causes pale skin and purple eyes, as the term implies, and in some cultures its considered to be highly sexy appearance for women, As women with purple eyes are considered attractive. Those may be the most obvious manifestations of the disorder, but it is alleged that the characteristics of this disorder extend much further.

What is Alexandria’s genesis?

It is said that the condition is a mutation of the genes, which manifests itself in the fact that the eyes change color, from blue to purple, within the first six months after birth. The afflicted individuals’ eyesight is said not to be compromised, even as the color of the eyes deepen to a darker shade of purple during puberty.

Other features of this disorder allegedly include the skin’s immunity to tanning or burning, despite its extra-ordinarily pale hue. It is also said that apart from the hair on the head, eyelashes, brows, and in the nostrils, no other body-hair exists on those afflicted with this disorder. This would mean that there is no hair on the arms, legs, torso, or pubic area. Apart from the areas mentioned, the whole body is devoid of body-hair.

In addition to this, those afflicted with Purple Eyes (Alexandria’s Genesis) tend to be centurions, with some alleged to live to the ripe old age of 150 years old. Aging stops at around age 50, and those afflicted look no older even as they pass 100 years of age.

Inter-racial individuals can be afflicted with this mutation, but it’s mostly evident with Caucasians. They rarely fall ill, and are immune to most diseases. Neither do they gain excessive weight, or produce much waste; regardless of how much they eat. And women maintain desirable figures throughout their lifetime. Also women with this disorder do not menstruate, though they are 100% fertile.

Those who are convinced of the existence of Alexandria’s Genesis point to the famous actress, Elizabeth Taylor, as one prominent individual afflicted with the disorder. They cite her violet eyes as evidence to substantiate their claims.

To bolster their claims, they argue that there are mutations which lead to the fact that some children age very quickly, causing those afflicted to have very short lives. This is a known and confirmed fact, they say and, by the same token, there’s no reason why the opposite cannot be true. Since there is a known mutation which causes premature aging and a shortened life-span, they argue, then it’s quite reasonable to expect that a mutation exists with the opposite effects.

Doubts about Alexandria’s genesis

However, there are others who vehemently refute such claims. They disregard allegations that the color of Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes has anything to do with the existence of the disorder. They categorically argue that Purple Eyes, or Alexandria’s Genesis, is a myth – an urban legend – which has no basis in fact.

Skeptics further allege that the claims for those afflicted with this disorder are much too outlandish to be even possible, let alone believable.

For instance, they cite the fact that no single mutation could ever affect that many genealogical characteristics. The areas of the body and the bodily functions alleged to be affected by this Purple Eyes mutation, they say, are in fact controlled by several different genes.

They also point to the fact that fertility, in women, without menstruation, is impossible. And though there are animals which are capable of this, it would take much more than a single mutation to readjust the genes in humans in order to achieve such a feat.

Additionally they cite the fact that the build-up of toxins in the body of any human who produces little or no waste would be so high that death would be the inevitable result.

Moreover, according to the records, skeptics say, the longest any human has lived is 122 years. Therefore, allegations that there are some who have lived to 150 years of age are unfounded.

Skeptics also point to the fact that based on our make-up; melanin is the only way to protect the skin from sun-burn, for instance. Melanin tends to darken the skin, as in the process of tanning – the darker the skin, then the more resistant it’ll be to sun-burn. Therefore, the notion that there are extremely pale-skinned people in existence somewhere, who are also immune to sun-burn, is a fallacy.


Allegedly, in England, in 1329, a child was born with pale skin and purple eyes. Her name was Alexandria, and she later gave birth to two children who both lived well past 100 years old.

However, the myth of the Purple Eyes mutation is said to have originated over 1000 years ago, in Egypt. Apparently, a mysterious light flashed in the sky, and all who were exposed to it were afflicted with purple eyes and pale skin. They became known as spirit people, and eventually disappeared.

Whether the Purple Eyes mutation is fact or fallacy remains to be seen. However, all the evidence, so far, seem to point to the latter!