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More about Alexandria’s genesis

More about Alexandria’s genesis

Many have talked about it, many have disagreed about it, many books have been written, but there seems to be a problem concerning Alexandrias genesis disorder. If you type the clause ‘Alexandria’s genesis’ and place it on an internet search engine such as Google, you will be surprised by the various varied answers you will get. Some will be asking you questions such as; is this condition real? Is it a fallacy? Does it exit? And so forth. But I want to end this confusing confusion rounding Alexandria’s genesis in this article. If you follow to the end of this write up, I assure you that you will get nothing less than 100% understanding of what this condition is.

I want to take you back a thousand years ago when Egypt encountered a mysterious light which flashed across the sky. Amazingly, every single person who, out of anxiety, fear or whatever reason went out to have a glance of the uncommon condition is said to have developed purple eyes and a pale skin. These affected people started being identified as spirit people and forced their way to the northern sides and later they were nowhere to be seen. This seems to be the end of the story but no, indeed, it is the end of the start of the story for eventually in the year 1329, there was a disorder like this recorded in England. Alexandria is the child who was born carried the condition as the eyes appeared purple and gave birth to girl kids featuring the same disorder. It then existed for more than 100 years. This marks the origin of Alexandria’s genesis.

Alexandria’s genesis, also branded the name ‘Violet eyes’ is said to be a genetic mutation that makes the eyes undergo several color changes. First the eyes transform from grey to a blue appearance and eventually graduate to purple. This mutation process runs for six months after a child has been born. Upon the kid attaining puberty age, the color intensifies to a royal or violet-blue purple as the final appearance. Up to date, there are no valid records showing that this condition can affect person’s ability to see. However, those who have had this condition have never seen their pubic, body, facial or anal hair though they have grown the normal head hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and noses.

Very believable sources have clued that women who have this kind of mutation do not experience menstruation but they are fertile beings. Again, they claim that these women in most cases will affect those with black of blue eyes. An amazing fact about these people is that they stop aging at 50 whereby they neither gain weight nor does their good figure deteriorate regardless of how much food they consume. This makes them live up to almost 150 years, thanks to good immune system and rare digestion cases. Based on the same sources, this condition will highly affect Caucasians as well as children resulting from interracial intercourse for it is possible that they multiple genes can don the disorder-causing gene.

I don’t differ at all with those who claim that the evidence available is not enough to support this disorder analysis. However, a great possibility is there that purple eyes and lighter skin conditions can be caused by a gene variation.