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What Are the Best Shoes for Your Feet to Avoid Foot Pain?

What Are the Best Shoes for Your Feet to Avoid Foot Pain?

Choosing the right pair of shoes to avoid blisters, ankle or hip pains can be a daunting experience, especially given the plethora of brands and types of shoes around. We have chosen the 5 most comfortable walking shoes for both men and women, based on customer reviews and their characteristics.

Some key characteristics we looked for include: breathability, quality of the sole and weight, to which we can add the design and price. There are so many other shoes that could make the top 5 shoes, but we had to sacrifice a few, which we will briefly mention at the end of this article.

1. Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4

Rated at 93.2 on Amazon, it is almost perfect with a score of 98% for comfort, 97% for support and 95% for flexibility, whilst also being strong in terms of breathability (89%). It is a lightweight walking shoe with a gum rubber sole that vouch for if you’re looking for ample space, support and comfort. The price for a pair of Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4 is between £104 – £220 on Amazon, depending on size.

2. Asics Women Gel Venture 5

These are slide-on shoes specifically for women, with a stretchy upper mesh and incredibly lightweight. They are perfect to take on vacation as they don’t weight you down at all and you can walk for hours without feeling any discomfort. The only downside is that they are not waterproof, and they are not suitable for winter. The price for these lightweight shoes runs at £30 which makes them an incredible deal, but it can vary depending on size. This was chosen on any major site to be one of the best shoes for supination like on

3. Columbia Redmond Leather Omni-Tech

This is probably the most versatile pair of shoes for men not only on this top five but everywhere. They can be worn everywhere, in the city as well as on trail walks. They are fully waterproof, cushioned to offer comfort and support, they have tough rubber soles, yet they are lightweight. These run at £95 a pair which is very well priced considering their high performance.

4. Adidas Terrex Swift R

Adidas Terrex Swift R, available for both men and women are best for trail walking and even running. Despite their rigid, almost boot-like look, they are very flexible and swift while worn. Their waterproof design with Gore-Tex soles make them suitable for pretty much any environment. They offer a great grip, as well as a lightweight feeling at only 350g each. Their price of £70 make them an incredible value for money.

5. Jack Wolfskin Vojo Hike Texapore

These walking shoes for women simply check all boxes. They are waterproof, comfortable as slippers, they have tough rubber soles ensuring great support and grip on all surfaces, plus they have a nice look with suede upper mesh. Not to mention the price. These can be bought for £73 on Amazon.

Some other great walking shoes worth mentioning include: The Paths from Mountain Warehouse for women, Columbia Peakfreak XCRSN II XCEL for women with narrow feet, Aku Bellamont FG GTX for men, Saucony Women’s Pro-Grid Walking Shoe, and Brooks Men’s Addiction Walking Shoes to name just a few.

To conclude, when choosing the right walking shoes, you need to bear in mind that not every shoe is right for everyone, as different people have different arches, foot width and sizes. Therefore, it is best to choose between three and five types of shoes and then go in a shop and try them on for size and general feeling.