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Top 7 Combat Boots for 2020

Top 7 Combat Boots for 2020

Whether you are a military-gear junkie or have a special love for taking on difficult hiking trails, it is always a good idea to have the best boots for the job. However, there are many models to choose from and each year new types are released. It can become difficult to know which boot to choose and what features to look out for. So, in order to make your life easier we have compiled a list of the top 7 best combat boots for 2020.

1. Garmont T8 Bifida

This top of the range combat boot is for people who take tackling a difficult environment seriously. They have high quality shock absorption capabilities that compliment the boots comfortable design. These boots are also uniquely designed to be used in very wet weather conditions and are AR 670-1 compliant. If you want a quality pair of well-rounded boots, the T8 model is a must have.

2. Reebok Men’s Dauntless 8 Inch Side Zip Boots

Second on our list today we have a special creation by Reebok. As the name so implies one of the benefits of this combat boot is its side zipper, making the boot easy to put on and take off. It also has a unique shock absorption inlay that is designed to maximize the wearers comfort. The inlay is dual purpose however, as it also moisture-wicking.

3. Rocky S2V Special Ops 8 Inch Boot

Next on our list we have a special creation from Rocky. It’s 8inch roll-stop ankle protection allows the wearer to experience maximum ankle protection. The inner lining of the boot uses an Aegis anti-microbial shield and the PTFE coating makes these boots flame resistant. This is definitely a top quality pair of boots that come with a matching high end price tag.

4. Altama Footwear 8 Inch Boot

Altama has been around for a very long time and creates high quality boot designs. This one is no different with polymer speed lacing eyelets and a slip-resistant carbon sole. In terms of comfort this boot is in a league of its own, spouting a custom fit EVA sole inlay that uses an enhanced cushioning matrix. Just like others on this list the Altama uses an anti-microbial mesh for moisture wicking.

5. Reebok Hyper Velocity 8

If maneuverability is one of your key concerns when deciding to buy a new pair of boots, it may be difficult to find a better choice than the Hyper Velocity 8 by Reebok. This is one of the lightest designs the company has ever produced, allowing you to freely run without the worry of being weighed down. However, don’t think that this stops the boot from packing some serious protective power. It has amazing anti-slip soles as well as being resistant to oil and various chemicals.

6. Belleville 800 8 Inch

We are now entering the top choices of military boots for 2020. The Belleville 800 comes fully water resistant due to its Gore-Tex water proof fabric. In terms of user protection it also includes a steel toe cap that has been F2413-11 certified as well as EH rated. This boot is a serious choice, especially if you are considering using them in wet and cold environments. Oh and did we mention that they also spout a rubber Vibran outsole? The features just never seem to end.

7. Magnum Men’s Elite Spider X 8.0 Boots

Topping our list today we have a pair of boots that is seriously for the elite out there. As well as overall amazing aesthetics this is one of the most functional boots on the market today. It uses an advanced air-mesh technology designed for user comfort as well as adding moisture wicking capabilities. They also have high friction soles allowing the user to maneuver through difficult terrain without worrying or slipping. The tongue as well as the neck have received extra cushioning in the Elite Spider model and the sock liner is also replaceable. It would take too long to go through all its amazing features so here is a short list:

  • Rust Proof
  • External heel clip for improved support
  • MPACT POWER PU Insole For Kinetic Energy Absorption
  • Compression RECOIL midsole

If we had to mention a negative aspect of these boots then it would be the fact that they are difficult to get into, which make them less practical for certain applications. However if you want to know you are entering 2020 with a great pair of boots, you can not go wrong with any one this list.



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