What Is Supination?

Supination is a feet problem that makes your weight to roll onto the outer wall of your feet. While it’s not easy to know if you’re suffering from supination, some of the indicators are your shoes being worn out on the outside parts and your legs having a bowed shape. This condition is considered to be natural. However, excessive supination can lead to some medical attention such as ankle injuries, hip pain and inflammation of the sole problems.

Average feet on a normal condition should pronate inward a bit. If you find yourself at the crossroad of supination, exercise can mean a great deal of relief from the problem. By the same token, the right footwear can help you overcome supination problems. In this post, we have narrowed down top 3 best shoes for supination. It will give you a comprehensive knowledge of the right footwear that will prevent the formation of this condition. Let’s have a look.

What to Consider When Picking the Right Shoes

These are the general tips on what to consider when selecting your right footwear for supination. These are the same tips that made us arrive at our top 3 shoes.

1. The shoe you wear should be lightweight with ample room in the toes.
2. You should consider wearing sports shoes designed explicitly for supinators.
3. Select the shoes with extra cushioning for more comfortability.
4. You should select the shoes that fit the type of your feet well.

Top Three Best Shoes for Supination

This list comprises the shoes that have been tested by specialists to ensure that you’ve got all you need to help ease supination. This was taken from workbootsmaster.com

1. Brooks PureFlow 7 for Men and Women

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline shoes are considered to be excellent supination shoes for running and flat feet. Your choice of these shoes will never be disappointed. They are featured with extra cushion with supportive material to bring the stability you need on your walk or road work. They are ideal for both casual and expert runners.

Features and Pros

Eco-friendly with flexible upper.
They have soft underfoot
Extremely lightweight and comfortable due to the collar and padded insole
Energized foam to absorb shock
They are Ideal for the gender of all ages
They are built with a synthetic mesh to keep feet light

2. Nike Dual Fusion

These shoes are well-known worldwide for their sport’s reputation. They are ideal for both casual and experienced runners. They come in full-length mesh panels which give them great support. They are also fitted with Flywire cables to ensure your feet if kept tightly secured.

Nike has high quality with excellent support and has done excellent work in giving a stylish comfort to those people who are suffering from supination. Having this shoes as part of your wardrobe essential means a lot. Imagine controlling supination with that great sign of “NIKE” on the side of your boots!

Features and Pros

It has a breathable upper to avoid excessive sweating
Built with dual-density foam at the midsole to give support and extra cushioning
The outsole is made of rubber for flexibility and durability
The Shoe is versatile
They are ideal for everyday training and especially for people with supination conditions

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 21

Mizuno wave rider is one of the best shoes for both supinating men and women who need a firm and reliable trainer. What makes this shoes an excellent choice is its unprecedented wave at the midsole which can efficiently get you to cover more miles.

Although the shoe isn’t light due to its wave plate, its enveloped by a unique plush interior with a responsive cushioning with an excellent upper which makes you conveniently cover a significant distance.

Features and Pros

  • It has upper breath-ability to keep off excessive sweating
  • It gives a comfort underfoot
  • It uses a parallel wave technology


It does not matter if you’re struggling with supination or you are looking for means to prevent all problems associated with supernation in your family and friends, these shoes are the best choice to consider. Their unique features attest for a total satisfaction.