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Keeping a healthy and sterlized house is the key to your health – here’s why?

Keeping a healthy and sterlized house is the key to your health – here’s why?

We all love living in a clean and shiny apartment, so it is advisable to know important tips for cleaning the property that only professionals know.

A professional cleaning company knows secrets that we should all know, for example when washing floors it is advisable to use hot water mixed with a teaspoon of dish soap and a little vinegar, after rinsing there is no odor of vinegar and an impressive result of a shiny and shiny floor.

A professional home cleaning company will also know techniques for polishing the floor by polishing the floor for preservation for years.

How to polish sanitary ware in the apartment?

Most Americans use bleach to clean sanitary ware such as toilets, sinks, china, bathtub and shower, professionals recommend to sprinkle some laundry detergent and then scrub the sink, bathtub and toilet, rinse thoroughly, thus enjoying a bright and shiny appearance in the bathrooms and bathrooms.

To remove mold and dirt from the bathtub curtain, it can be washed in a washing machine in the soaking program, add about half a cup of vinegar to remove stains, and then run the machine in a low heat, non-squeezing program, and of course, add a high quality washing liquid and conditioner.

It is recommended to also wash the carpet of the bathroom, it is possible together with the curtain to complete a perfect apartment cleaning.

In addition, you should know that cola is considered a particularly effective detergent, you can pour cola into the toilet, rub, wait about an hour and flush the water.

In this Corona times you want your house to be really free of gems and strilized. The best tool that you can use for that you can use is UV srelizer. I hear many people ask me:
Does UV light kill bacteria? YES! It does! and its the most effective against germs.

Shining new or old wood furniture easily and for optimal preservation –

Many apartments have furniture made of wood, over time scratches are found in the armrests and exposed wooden parts.

To remove the scratches and renew the look of the furniture, you can make a mixture of olive oil and vinegar in equal proportions, dip in a clean cloth mixture and go over the wood, so you can restore the old crown and enjoy the natural and new look of the wood.

Or work with a polytin material for wood to preserve the texture and apply a fine layer of lacquer.

Cleaning dust and dirt blinds windows and rails –

One of the most effective and convenient methods for cleaning blinds from dust, grease and dirt is with the help of a sock worn on the hand.

The sock is soaked in a mixture of hot water and vinegar. It is easy to clean the blinds with the sock and after use throw it away.

A cleaning company will perform a thorough cleaning of windows and blinds with the help of water pressure from water rails and straighten windows and sunscreen preparations.



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