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How To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids Fast At Home ?

How To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids Fast At Home ?

External hemorrhoids develop due to swelling and distension of the external hemorrhoid venous system. Since external hemorrhoids occur outside the opening of the anus, they are very uncomfortable and painful for this area has a very sensitive skin. The extended stress and pressure around the rectum is what causes this problem. It is always the best to look for recommended treatments from this unpleasant condition, even though some people may remain untreated due to embarrassment. Below are some of the affordable and convenient ways one can apply to get rid of external hemorrhoids at home fast.

Treating with Phenylephrine

When one applies this cream on the affected area, it greatly minimizes the swelling and irritation by constricting the blood vessels. To completely get rid of this condition, one should apply this ointment as many times as possible since it does not have a dosage. Before the ointment application, one should take a bath with warm water to not only clean the area, but also to facilitate blood circulation and reduce swelling. After the bath, dry the area gently with an absorbent towel and them apply this commercial medication.

To prevent the swelling and irritation of the rectum, one should take food high in fiber. Fiber improves bowel movement that in turn minimizes straining when using the toilet. Leafy greens and whole wheat grains are a few examples of foods high in fiber. To avoid constipation and improve the digestion process, taking fresh fruits like bananas, apples, watermelon, and orange is mandatory. One should also maintain eight glasses of water per day as recommended for hydration and smooth movement of nutrients. Highly processed foods, sodas, white flour products, bread, red meat, and alcohol are examples of diets to avoid at all cost. In addition, one should avoid foods that have a burning feeling in the anus or rectum for example chili peppers.

Herbal treatments

Crush and squeeze a piece of garlic and apply the juice that comes out into the swelling area. People have used garlic juice for long to both kill the bacteria in the affected area and to prevent swelling. Another highly recommended herbal treatment is White Oak Bark application. One should boil the leaves or the bark and then apply the product on the area to reduce bleeding and swelling. Since White Oak Bark contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, and manganese, this natural treatment is very effective in eliminating the discomfort from piles. It is always good to supplement herbal treatments with petroleum jelly. Applying the jerry frequently on the affected area does not only help relieve the symptoms and discomfort, but also ensures a quicker recovery.

Important point

Preventing is always better than curing. Standing and sitting for long hours are the main factors that lead to external hemorrhoids. If possible, one should take a break of about 10 minutes per one hour of continuous working to relieve pressure in the rectal area. In addition, it is best to do some exercises such swimming, running, and taking a walk instead of driving. These exercises are useful in providing the rental veins with enough nutrients, increasing blood circulation to parts of the body, and in alleviating the inflammation hence preventing or getting rid these hemorrhoids.