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11 safe and effective ways to make your period come faster

11 safe and effective ways to make your period come faster

There are many advantages of having faster, regular periods. First of all, it enables you to plan accordingly, particularly if you are planning to have an extraordinary event, or if you are looking forward to having a special night of thrill and adventure. There are special times like dates, conferences or business meetings when having periods might ruin the experience for you. So you might want to make an estimation of your actual and expected outset dates for your previous and subsequent periods to know your baseline. As long as you are sure you are not pregnant, you can take some steps to have faster and regular periods. In this article, we shall discuss home remedies to trigger the cycle to start sooner.

So How to make your period come faster? Here are 11 highly effective ways:

1. Sex

Some studies suggest that having sexual intercourse can stimulate pelvic blood flow to move in the direction of the vagina, which might trigger the shedding of the uterine wall. Consecutively, the shedding of the uterine wall might cause ovulation to start.

Additionally, there is also the prospect that semen may soften your cervix, thus causing an early menstrual cycle. However, be sure you and your partner are tested and have a reliable birth control method if you are going have unprotected sex for faster, regular periods.

2. Ginger tea.

How to make your period come faster

Taking ginger tea might also help you to get your periods to come faster. You can achieve this by making a cup or two of ginger tea during your due date of your period. Some studies have shown that ginger tea increases contraction of the uterus, triggering the menstrual cycle to start within a few days. However, you should realize that ginger tea can cause disturbance such as hot flashes, in some cases.

3. Birth Control pills

Taking contraceptives or birth control pills can also help you to plan when you want and when you don’t want to have your periods. If you want to delay your periods, you can just take your birth control pills. But if you want to have your periods soon or faster, just drop the birth control pills and take placebo pills instead. Taking birth control pills or hormonal pills can stop your periods even if you are expecting to have them a few days ahead.

However, you should note that contraceptives are only recommended for women who are below 35 years old. So be sure to fit the age bracket before using them.

4. Avoid Stress


It is known that having massive stress can prolong your periods for days, weeks or even months in some cases. Thus you should try to manage your stress levels, even if you can’t avoid them entirely. You might be surprised to see your periods coming sooner rather than later if you reduce your stress levels.

Manage your stress levels by dealing with their causes such as overworking, hot showers, yoga, meditation and hot compresses. If possible, avoid or minimize stressful situations and spend time together with people you are okay with. You can talk to your doctor or physician about how to manage such triggers of stress.

5. Vitamin C

You can derive vitamin C by drinking fruit juices such as papaya, parsley, green tea, lemon, cranberry, orange and much more. Some research studies claim that vitamin C can stimulate your body temperature to rise, thus triggering menstrual cycle to begin. However, some researchers have established the relationship between adequate vitamin C levels and faster, regular periods. Vitamin C increases production of estrogen in the body which causes contraction of the uterine walls, thus triggering menstrual cycle to start.

Here are useful tips to remember when vitamin C.

v Take plenty of water while taking vitamin C juices.

v Excessive vitamin C levels can have detrimental effects on your health so be sure to regulate your intake, especially if you are pregnant.

6. Pineapple


It is known that eating pineapples can stimulate your periods to come earlier. Try to add pineapples to any of your diets and see the difference. Add a spoonful of honey to your pineapple for a sweeter taste. Alternatively, you can try mangoes if you are not a fan of pineapples as they feel sweeter, unlike pineapples.

7. Aspirin

Aspirin may come in handy if you have missed your first day of your period, although you can also use it during other due dates. Add two tablets of aspirin in a glass of water and let it dissolve. Alternatively, you can crush the tablets and add water to dissolve. Add one tablespoon of honey or one tablespoon of sugar or both and stir. Take this mixture once or twice a day to stimulate your periods to start.

8. Hot compress

Hot compresses can also increase the odds of having your periods sooner. Such high-temperature treatments will raise your body temperature and trigger your menstrual cycle to come earlier. There are many ways you can apply hot compresses on your body. Firstly, you can lie in a hot bath tub up to half an hour at least two times when your periods are due. Alternatively, you can apply heat on your lower abdomen using a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Additionally, drinking warm water during your due-dates can significantly trigger menstruation to begin.

9. Exercise

Exercising is another ideal to get your periods coming faster and regularly. Research has shown that women who practice regular exercises tend to have lower levels of a chemical component known as estradiol which inhibits your body from having the menstrual cycle. Hence having regular workouts will keep the levels of this substance low enough to help you maintain a normal ovulation cycle.

10. Change your diet


If your period has been due for some days and you want to set it off, you ought to consider changing or adjusting your routine way of eating. Start by avoiding too much salt and sodium as they can cause unnecessary fluid retention in your system, triggering further inflammation and even menstrual bloating.

Include healthy diets in your foods like carrots, eggs, spinach, apricots, peaches as well as papaya and much more. These foods are rich in carotene which is essential for triggering your periods to come earlier.

Here are tips and tricks to follow to adjust your diet accordingly.

v Include more red meat in your diet which has heating effects that can trigger your menstrual cycle to start off.

v You can also use jaggery and turmeric powder supplements to stimulate your periods. These supplements can elevate your body temperature causing menstruation to begin. Add one teaspoon of jaggery powder to a half teaspoon of turmeric powder in a mug of water, and take it at least once a day for one to two weeks before your due date of menstruation.

v Add celery stalks to your diets. It is known that celery has a natural substance called apiol which triggers blood flow in your uterine walls, causing ovulation.

11. Menstrual Synchrony

Menstrual synchrony is a technique in which you hang out with other girls or your female friends match their ovulation periods with yours by starting and ending them almost the same time. Menstrual synchrony can be a good way to get your periods coming more regularly. So you might want to consider joining up such a group.

Certainly, there are more than eleven ways to make your periods come faster and more regular. Other home remedies such as maintaining a healthy weight and taking herbs can also trigger your menstruation to come sooner. It is also imperative to realize that your doctor may recommend hormone injections to make your periods come earlier, especially if the above remedies have not yielded satisfactory results. But if you are pregnant or you have reached menopause it is wise that you do not focus on trying to trigger menstruation as it is unlikely to happen.