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Top 5 narrow calf boots for 2019

Top 5 narrow calf boots for 2019
Calf Boots are one of the most stylish boots for women. Any boot rising above the ankle and finishes below the knee is considered a calf boot thus coming in a variety of styles; some are tall while others are comparatively short.
For them to be the best, the boots should fit comfortably around the calf but also if they become too snugly, they might cause your leg to project which leads to discomfort. If the top of the boot fits just right like a glove, then you have found the perfect match.
Getting the right calf boot is just like choosing the right shoe size and knowing which type best suits you or goes well with a particular clothing. Below are some of the best calf boots in the market and considered the favorite to try out in 2019;
1. Frye – launched in the year 1863, Frye is one of the longest and oldest shoemaker in America. The company has advanced from shoes to bags to boots and many more. Its products are very durable and versatile too with elegant leathers and perennial details that have helped them earn a massive following.
2. Cole Haan – ever since it was established in 1928, Cole Haan has been known to have the best quality, style and craftsmanship. Collaborations with athletes, well known designers has kept the fire burning and make it excel tremendously.
3. Marc Fisher LTD – Marc Fisher is an american shoemaker who was inspired by culture, style and world travel. Since being born in a footwear family, shoes became his passion and ended up studying the business of shoe making as well as the art before introducing the mark fisher LTD.
4. Stuart Weitzman – Stuart’s shoes have gained a big following; they are glamorous as they are carefully constructed with majority of his shoes being showcased in the red carpets for more than twenty years. The brand is known for giving a vast selection of widths, sizes and attention to detail which has brought about an extra ordinary and comfortable fit.

5. Steve Madden – Steve Madden started the company way back in the year 1990 and has never failed to bring a blend of edgy and cool at the same time. He drew his inspiration from high fashion and rock n roll which has helped him create an original , trendy style for women, men as well as kids.
Majority of the women who prefer calf boots buy them online. There are plenty of respectable online stores that have a wide variety of them but before picking a design and style, it will be best to first measure your feet as this will enable you know if your feet fit inside the shaft.
There are also some health benefits as well. Footwear gives one a good solid support to the calf. Since majority of boots have a heel, the solid support to the calf matters very much. If the support is too tight but solid, then this is not good for you and if the support is also solid but too loose, it may result in irritation. The support has to be just right and comfortable.