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Ouch, why do pimples hurt ?

Ouch, why do pimples hurt ?

Pimples, or acne, call it by whatever name you want, always remind you of red spots on your skin, especially your face. All of us have experienced pimples at some point in our lives, especially during our teenage years. When you feel the pimple or try to prick or break it, you find that it hurts. Have you ever wondered why do pimples hurt?

Before you understand why do pimples hurt, it is good to understand what are pimples and why do pimples appear on our faces?

Why do pimples appear on our faces?

Your skin has innumerable minute pores with sweat glands below the skin. Whenever you are out in the sun or performing rigorous exercises, you may find yourself sweating. This happens because your body burns fat present in the muscles, converting it to energy. In the process of burning fat, your body heats up, and in order to cool your body, the sweat glands releases sweat through the pores.

When these pores get clogged with oil and dirt, or when the hair follicles are damaged, an inflammation of the skin occurs.When you get a pimple, the skin is stretched.

Let us consider an analogy. Imagine you standing in the center of a trampoline. What happens to the trampoline? The fabric of the trampoline gets stretched, and due to gravity, it takes the shape of a saucer. Since the trampoline is made up of a highly elastic material, it is stretched down due to your body’s weight.

The top of the trampoline is compressed while the lower portion is stretched. A very similar phenomenon occurs when you get a pimple. Since hair follicles are damaged or pores are clogged with dirt, oil and bacteria, the skin, in order to protect itself, secretes a white fluid around the damaged portion, leading to its inflammation.

Remember, the skin is a highly elastic, like the fabric of a trampoline. Hence, when there is an inflammation, the top of the skin is stretched.When your skin stretches because of the inflammation, the nerve endings also stretch, causing the pimple to hurt. Do you now understand why pimples hurt?

Why don’t you do this experiment?

Take a clothespin and pin it on your hand or any part of your body that is easy to hold between your fingers. Leave it on the skin for some time and then remove the clothespin.

What do you experience? A sharp sting and intense pain for a few moments, isn’t it? You may have done this in the past as a game, or you just wanted to see and experience what happens when you clip a clothespin on your body. When you leave this for a long time and remove the clothespin, the pain is more intense.

The same thing happens when you have a pimple. The larger the inflammation, the more pain you will feel, and the more you will feel like meddling with the pimple. And this is where you will be making the biggest mistake, because when you try to prick or break the pimple, your pain will be too intense, and buying tramadol online.

Recall some of the advertisements on anti-pimple gels and creams and you will find the lead endorser screaming on seeing the pimple and trying to prick or break it, because she finds it painful.

All dermatologists also suggest the same, never to prick or break a pimple. The best way to reduce the inflammation and the pain is to take appropriate medication or referring the issue to a dermatologist. This way, you can avoid the pain of the pimple.

General advice

So, the next time when you have a pimple, remember that it is hurts because of the nerve endings being stretched due to the inflammation. It is best for you to leave it alone or apply a gentle medication. Also make sure that you drink a lot of water and clean your skin regularly with a mild soap or facewash to de-clog the pores. This way, you can avoid pimples to a great extent, and even if you happen to get one, you will not experience an intense pain.