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5 Health tips for people who work long hours

5 Health tips for people who work long hours

In the current world, it is not uncommon to see people working for 60+ hours in a week. The feeling is more satisfactory especially when you love and enjoy what you are doing as it helps you gain experience, new skills and you end up developing your grit. Additionally, hard work helps one gain success in their lives.
On the flip side, too long working hours can result to poor social relationships, poor decision-making as one does not take a break or have a chance to turn around and have a look at the big picture and one can also burnout! On the same note, patronizing work means other areas are left unattended for, including matters pertaining health. Let’s learn some strategies which you can employ to stay healthy and feel happy while working for long hours.


Experts believe that adults should get between 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. Sleeping and waking up at the same time even on the days you do not have to work will make your system adapted to your daily schedule. Having inadequate sleep will leave one unhappy on the following day, make him or her moody and tend to overreact even on small matters. This result to low production rates which is not good for business.
You should not be that person who occasionally sacrifices sleep for the sake of the job as this would be self-destruction. Be sure to get adequate sleep every night and everything will start to fall into place.


When you are working for long hours, junk food seems to be the best choice of meals you can have around. I mean, the food is fast and quenches your craving for salty and sugary taste especially when you are stressed out. However, there are better choices of food which have nourishment that help to keep your body in good shape and provide adequate energy to keep you going. Although you may not have adequate time to prepare the meals every day, adding hardboiled eggs, rotisserie chicken or canned tuna or preparing salad which can take you for three days in your diet will eventually pay off. The aim is to have ready-made food which do not tend to go bad quickly. Also, don’t forget to grab some fruits at the store.


Working for 60+ hours means you will be having tonnes and tonnes of stress. Exercising is a better way to run away from the working experience and help relive stress. Job stress is associated with many health problems and the less you have the better. Make sure you keep up to the schedule either before or after the work.


When working for long hours, one may tend to lose focus from time to time. Having proper gear which include safety boots ensure you are protected from chemical spills, electric shock or slipping in case of any mishap. Safety boots are tough in design which aim to protect the wearer while working hence their importance cannot be overlooked.


Taking in a lot of water during working hours will keep you hydrated and in the proper state of min as it plays a vital role in the functioning of the brain. If you find water boring, you can add slices of orange, apples or lemons which will play the trick due to the addition of the soothing flavor.

In some occasions some need or want to work for long hours in order to achieve their goals. By doing so one may have to pay the hefty price of potential harm which come with it. However, understanding the benefits that you gain and avoiding stress generating behaviors long hours will feel good and less of a sacrifice that you have to make. Additionally, you will have adequate time to take of your health in general.