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Top 5 Effective Homemade Facial Masks For Acne

Top 5 Effective Homemade Facial Masks For Acne

A lot of people are victims of acne outbreak but just a number of people want to make their own acne treatment. To assist you, the most effective recipes for the preparation of acne mask treatment is outlined in this article, for the quick elimination of acne outbreak naturally.

These brief instructional tips from Fullnomore will help you discover ways in which you can make homemade acne mask with just everyday materials that you can find in your place of abode.

Salt Mask Treatment

By far, this is among the most easy-to-make mask treatment for acne. All you need is a sea salt, even better still a kitchen salt in addition to water. Immerse that salt into a bowl of water for the duration of twenty minutes.

The next step is applying the solution as a mask on the acne spot for the duration of within ten to thirty minutes. The benefit of salt application is purification of the skin, this attest to it tremendous effectiveness. Another alternative is a swim at the sea, this does not require a mask. It is as effective as well as enjoyable.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also easy-to-make at home. It can be used as an effective acne mask treatment which will produce tremendous effect when it comes to the eradication of acne.

The most essential ingredient in the production of this mask is baking soda in addition to water.

The first step is cleansing the acne spots using any cleanser or skin cleanser that works with your skin, adds water to the baking soda and apply it directly on the acne spots. The mixture should be left on your skin for a particular period of time while you engage in your daily or usual activity.

Then wash the mixture off with water. As the peel is removed you will notice the softness and cleansed nature of your skin. Though, treatments of this nature might not produce the same effect for each and every person. The effectiveness of this product hinges on the type of the skin the person has. The facts is that if this treatment works for you effectively, then re-apply the mask to your skin few time weekly, and that will completely eradicate acne.

Yogurt Mask

In addition to the masks listed above, this is another effective but easy-to-make mask for the treatment of acne at home by each and every one. What it comprises of is honey and yoghurt. This takes no effort to make.

The first step is one spoonful of honey, heated a little. The drier your skin the more honey your skin will need. Then one tablespoonful of yoghurt (Only medium fat yoghurt is required) should be mixed together with the honey at a comfortable temperature for a short period of time.

After preparation, the mixture should be applied to the spots from the acne directly. It should be left on your skin for ten to twenty minutes, and then rinsed off. It should be applied severally for effective and fast eradication of acne if it works for you.


Oatmeal and Onion Mask

Unlike the other easy-to-make mask for acne treatment, this method might pose a bit of a problem; one important fact is it indisputably effective. Most people have an aversion for the strong odour from onion, but the urge for qualitative solution should inspire you.

The onion should be peeled and shredded till you have the pulp, and then prepare a half-cup of plain oatmeal. Add the pulp of the onion in the already cooled oatmeal. Apply the mixture directly on the acne spot on your face for the duration of five to fifteen minutes.

You can include honey in the mixture for sustainability if does not have the thickness you desire. Rinse and cleanse off the mixture from your face slowly.

Store in a cool place for five to ten days if the mixture remains, for the purpose of continuous usage.


Egg White Mask

This is another important easy-to-make mask for the treatment of acne. The reason behind it name is due to the removal and separation of yolk and egg whites. That is the only preparation required.

At the end of the separation of the yolk and the egg white, the most essential part is the egg whites. Make the maskĀ  by grinding the egg white till it forms thick paste. If you have an oily skin, it will be in your best interest to add some lemon juice to the paste to have a more effective result. After cleansing your face with water, then do gently application of the mask on your face and leave it for the duration of fifteen to twenty minutes.

Then rinse with water, you will notice the tightening of your skin which will lead to the elimination of the acne spot.


So make a choice, do not hesitate. You can try masks of different variation like the one listed above. It might take some time before you get the one appropriate for your skin but what is priority is the elimination of acne spot and you have plenty alternatives.