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Massage Chair Reviews: Narrowing Your Search For Exceptional Chair To Accomplish a Thorough Massage

Massage Chair Reviews: Narrowing Your Search For Exceptional Chair To Accomplish a Thorough Massage

This modern, fast paced life requires every individual to at least take some time to relax and unwind. It is through massage that one can take a break from life’s boring routines and have a perfect time to relax. In addition to relieving body pain, massage can equally ease anxiety and stress.

Professional massage services are available at a spa, but you may choose to hire a personal massage therapist to help you. While regular massage sessions prove handy in relieving body pain and easing stress, not everyone has enough time or money to accomplish these helpful sessions. Massaging chairs provide a convenient, affordable and user-friendly alternative that suit individuals on a rather tight budget and schedule.

Top massage chair reviews
Apparently, the industry supplies a wide array of massage chairs that make it somehow daunting when it comes to picking the right device. We have compiled this massage chair reviews, comprising of top rated massage chairs with exceptional features. We have incorporated their prices along with reviews and comments from real users to bring forth a comprehensive review that is far from prejudice.

Osaki OS-400
The Osaki OS-400 is a Japanese import that features about six different techniques of massage. These include: kneading, Swedish, shiatsu, tapping, rolling and clapping. This complex chair allows you to experiment with its different methods, programs, settings as well as the intensity levels for a perfect workout regime or massage session.

Similarly, the Osaki OS-400 massage chair encompasses the heat alongside Zero-G features. Users love its heat function, particularly during winter, which allows them to perform their massage sessions with utmost ease and confidence. The supposed chair can be completely customized; it works like a real charm.

Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu
The Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu is a robotic massager that boasts very high massage chair ratings in the industry. It offers the most ideal massage with its effective heat therapy. It typically concentrates its massages on certain body parts to effectively accomplish a thorough massage session.

It has a rather sophisticated design, and incorporates cutting-edge technology to supply the entire benefits of a full body massage. It comes with approximately 69 air bags that help in focusing all air massage functions on your lower body.

This equipment provides a systematic massage with a fun factor, thanks to its synchronized MP3 massage. The chair can trigger your buttocks, back and calf massage by altering the intensity and speed.

The Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu provides a lot of flexibility with six pre-programmed massage modes and five options of massage methods. These methods comprise the kneading, shiatsu, flapping, knocking and vibrating. Depending on your own specific preference, you may choose a program that suits you—including physical therapy, relax, prescription, fatigue, awake as well as health care.

This equipment scans the shape and contour of your upper body and shoulders. It then adjusts the massage depending on the shape and contour of your body. It can equally offer concentrated arm massage for more convenience. It can be reclined up to 170 degrees for a more relaxing and flexible massage. Similarly, it utilizes Jade thermotherapy to penetrate deeper into your body, making it easy to relax your fatigued muscles and the sore.

Panasonic EP1285KL
Panasonic is a renowned American firm that is always interested in accomplishing great things as far as bodywork is concerned. The Panasonic EP1285KL is top-of-the-range equipment that offers ultimate relaxation of body and mind.

It is particularly designed for increased blood flow and therapeutic muscle relaxation. It uses a unique combination of Swedish, shiatsu alongside the equipment’s chiro technique to achieve utmost relaxation. It also boasts a contemporary and urban look. It costs around $1,923.00.

– 172 lbs.
– Auto shut-off
– Auto recline
– Advanced Quad style technology
– Auto air ottoman
– Four built-in programs
– A remote control
– Eight manual options, such as knead, compression, soft shiatsu, taping, Hawaiian, regional and full roll.

The Panasonic can improve your circulation during the leg massage. You need to pull it gently so it can stretch your legs; ultimately increasing your circulation. Its rollers often reach the lower back, and feel like genuine human hands.

Human Touch iJoy-2580
This is exceptionally comfy massage equipment, which is ideal for a more comfortable massage session. It boasts a patented “Human Touch” massage technology, allowing it to relieve fatigue, tension, and stress. This is a perfect massage chair that improves circulation and relaxation. It provides exceptional massage session that replicates the real movements and techniques utilized by spinal care experts.

It offers a robotic massage that feels exactly like human hands massage. It utilizes techniques like rolling, kneading, compression and percussion for relieving pressure on your spinal column. It can similarly help in releasing cramping from the muscles.

It comprises a built-in control panel that can be used in programming and adjusting its settings to suit one’s preferences. For additional intensity, though, you may choose to recline this massage chair to a certain position that is suitable for you.

A massage chair is indeed an ideal investment that will see you gain full health and well-being. It is useful equipment that can relieve health-related conditions. You can simply achieve relief from aches, tensions and pains in the body by incorporating a flawless therapeutic massage chair. Although most of these chairs seem pricy, they are worth it considering the number of benefits you can achieve from them.