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Spinning bikes basics

Spinning bikes basics

Spinning bike are a type of stationery bikes that are specifically designed to help people who want to lose weight meet their goals. Spinning bikes help provide you with a full-body workout. Here below are some spinning bikes basics:

As opposed to regular stationery bikes, spinning bikes will provide you with an intense workout in your hips, shoulders, waist, calves, as well as thighs. The most special thing about them is that they allow you to stand as you train, a factor that is important in maximizing weight loss. They come with a more Spartan design when compared regular stationery bikes. Their seats are not padded in most cases because standing up while exercising is an important part of the routines. In addition, they come with textured handlebars in order to maximize your comfort and ensure your fingers are protected from blisters and sores.

The intensity of your training using a spinning bike depends on several factors, including your cycling position, tension level, as well as cadence, among others. They are also suitable for interval training sessions. Users can alternate between high and low intensity workouts, an important factor when it comes to improving your metabolism. In addition, interval training helps you lose calories even when you are not technically working out.

Most common feature of spinning bikes 

Spinning bikes are available in a variety of models as well as several different features. Some of the most advanced models come with display consoles in order to allow users to monitor their fitness – related data , including distance covered, number of calories burned and pedal strokes, as well as time elapsed, among others. They are also equipped with large, solid frames that help keep them from wobbling, irrespective of how ho you peddle. They normally accommodate up to 350 pounds, but certain models can accommodate heavier athletes.

– What are their health benefits?

Exercising using a spinning bike has many health benefits, including the following:

-Helps build stamina 

Exercising using a spinning bike helps pump blood to every part of your body. This in return improves the stamina of your lungs and heart.

-Boosting your immune system 

It helps strengthen your immune system, which can in return protect you from certain types of cancer. It can help boost the number of immune system cells circulating in your body. Exercising regularly using a spinning bike makes your body to become more vigilant to bacteria and viruses that can lead to certain conditions, including the common cold.

-Stress reduction 

Just like other forms of exercise, working out using a spinning bike helps ease stress.

-Weight loss

Exercising using a spinning bike helps you burn a large amount number of calories. Just one hour of spinning can help you burn up to 700 calories. This is a very effective way of losing weight.

-Improved cardiovascular fitness

Spinning is a great way of making your heart pound in a steady manner, thus helping improve your cardiovascular fitness. This is because it uses your legs, which are the largest muscle group in your body, thus raising your heart rate and in return, improving your fitness and stamina.

-Helps prevent heart disease 

Research findings show that exercising intensely using a spinning bike on a regular basis can drastically reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Helps build strength and muscle tone

Spinning helps build strength and muscle tone since it involves all muscle groups in your body.

-It is a low impact exercise

Spinning does not pound your joints as in some other forms of exercise. It is a smother, lower risk cardio exercise that is very ideal for you, especially if you are recovering injury. It is much easier on your knees, ankles, legs, as well as feet when compared to running.