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How to get rid of tonsil stones ?

How to get rid of tonsil stones ?

To succeed in fighting tonsillitis, you first need to comprehend the causes of this ailment. Tonsils are gland located at the back of our throat and act like nets ensnaring any foreign materials passing through .They are therefore an important part of our immune system.

Tonsillitis is a condition that develops when foodstuff, bacteria, dead cells, phlegm and other particles are trapped causing their accumulation. The calcified materials are the tonsil stones. They mainly appear at the root of our mouth causing a foul smell from our mouth which is quite embarrassing. It is important to treat the condition soon to avoid the bad smell, sore throat and swellings.

Natural ways to get rid of tonsil stones

Use of lemon and Aloe Vera juice

Lemon can be a useful home therapy to help treat tonsillitis. It contain a lot of vitamin c which play a major role in curing the tonsil stones. You are required to mix 5 table spoons of lemon with a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water. Gargle the mixture for about two minutes regularly. The ascorbic acid and the iodine help counter the stones by loosening them.

Aloe helps in the cleaning of the tongue. It ensures that no sulfur compound are formed after you have consumed food.

Chewing of raw Garlic.

Garlic is also a known remedy to get rid of tonsil stones. It acts as an antibacterial agent which helps fight the sulfur producing bacteria’s which the main cause of tonsillitis are. It reduces the formation of stones as well as aid you off bad breath.

Use of extra virgin oil.

Gargling with the extra virgin oil is one of the natural ways used to treat tonsillitis. It acts as an inflammatory substance which reduces the tonsil stone meaningfully. Doing it two to three times a day is recommended.

Gargle with warm salt water.

This is one of the oldest ways used to cure tonsil stone. One tea spoon of salt and a glass of warm water are necessary. It is also necessary to take the mixture while your head is slanted backwards. The mixture helps disinfect the mouth as well as remove the bacteria’s causing the tonsil stones.

An increase in water intake is necessary to keep your mouth moisturized.

Use of a soft toothbrush to massage the stones.

The stones are so delicate that you are required to use a soft brush to massage them and avoid bleeding. A soft massage will help break the stones into pieces and you can bring them out.

Medical Treatment

Use of Antibiotics.

Antibiotics are some of the prescriptions given to patient suffering from tonsillitis to counter the bacteria. However, it is important to consult a medical practitioner before taking any antibiotic. This is because some can cause more infection to the individual.

Surgical removal

Surgical removal of the stones is mainly carried out when the stones have become large. It is therefore important to check and treat your tonsils before it gets to that stage. It is however a simple and free from pain procedure.

This refers to the removal of tonsils .The removal of tonsils means you cannot suffer tonsillitis .It is a permanent way to get rid of tonsil stones.

Regular brushing after meals is also one way to prevent you from suffering from the tonsil stones. for more information read here.