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What is an inversion table?

What is an inversion table?

Inversion tables are devices that are remarkably designed to help with low back pain. Some experts suggest that the use of these tables lengthen the spine while reducing muscle activities. Apparently, muscle back pain is a key cause for a visit to a physician, just like the common cold. Some of the causes of muscle back pain include heavy lifting, poor sitting posture, and frequent bending among many other causes.

People often try different modalities and treatments that can relieve back pain. An inversion table is one of them. It’s a padded table that’s attached to a metal frame with hinges. To utilize the inversion table correctly and securely, you’ll need to strap yourself onto the table, and then gently allow the table to flip over. This is a good way of inverting the body. These tables often range in terms of cost, with some costing more than $100.

Top brands in the market

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table
This is a flawlessly designed table that counteracts the effects of gravity on your body, especially the back. It decompresses and elongates the spine, relieving pressure on your nerve roots and the spinal cord’s ligaments. Ideally, this inversion table serves to reverse the negative impacts of gravity. You just require 10 minutes of its use to accomplish improved circulation. It also relieves back pain, muscle aches, and stress. The table folds for compact storage.

Teeter EP 560 Ltd Inversion Table
This is ostensibly the most prevalent model from the Hang Ups Series. It comes with a couple of optional accessories to adjust your own inversion experience for any kind of stretch the body demands. Whether you’re looking to focus your lower back, or just yearn for a relaxing and unwinding shiatsu-style massage, this table boasts the most appropriate accessories to satisfy your quest.

It relieves back pain by relaxing and stretching the muscles alongside decompressing the spine. In essence, it helps in building and enhancing one’s utmost strength through incorporation of inverted exercise.

Invertio Adjustable Folding Inversion Table w/ Padded Backrest for Back Fitness Therapy Relief
This is a fully adjustable table that can accommodate users up to 6”6” in height. It comes with easy-to-use settings that are visibly marked on the unit. Its adjustable supports offer a perfect and speedy fit for users of all sizes. They equally lock securely and are rather easy to discharge once the session ends.

It’s likewise comprised of 34” extra-long handrails, which often help you when it comes to inverting and returning to your upright position. For accurate inversion, it incorporates new and improved bolt design that lets you pre-set the accurate inversion angle for maximum comfort.

The table is largely comfortable, and features huge and luxuriously padded backrest. Its padded handrails, headrest, and roller ankle are typically soft to the touch and exceptionally easy on the body. It is similarly sturdy, encompassing heavy-duty 1-1/4 diameter and ultra-high strength tubular steel. The non-rocking frame is ideal for users up to 300 pounds. It’s both portable and foldable; hence the table affords easy storage. It actually folds almost entirely flat. It includes manual and tools to allow for easy set up.